.who are we
swiss choir
just a sweet bunch of girls and a guy!
we girls unite and fight for one another =]
*arbish arbish* want to bully us? think again! situated in swiss cottage secondary school ava room
currently 40 plus members with an exclusive edward see

about us___
teacher in charge: mdm chok and mrs chan
conductor:mr wilson goh
chairman: oh cherng ru
secretary: chang zi xin
treasurer: charis koh
sectional leaders: [sop 1] leong ai kuen
[mezzo] jodee yap
[alto] ying hua
discipline: koh li ting
co-conductor: koh li ting
librarian: eyo gek leng and mok xue er

*//choir awards
longest server award: mdm chok
kindest teacher award: mrs chan
easiest to bully award: chang zi xin
best elderly sectional leader: corina
funniest elderly award: shi qi
loudest voice award: sarah and ai kuen
highest ranging pitch award: shu ying
nicest chairman award: elaine wong
nicest sectional leader: jodee, ai kuen, pamela and corina
most exclusive: edward see
nicest senior: everyone! if you are reading this, and you are a senior in choir, you are nice!
nicest junior: everyone too!
quietest in choir: maryanne

our first cry*
13 february: faizah
21 february: erna
13 march: xue er
26 march: corina
16 may: mirian
o6 june: kareen
09 june: samantha/yun yun
o9 august: jodee
11 august: pamela
12 august: shu ying
23 august: amy
o1 september: sze ying
14 september: meryl
15 september: li jia
18 october: felicia
29 october: wen hui
o6 november: zixin/yin mei
22 december: xing jue

Monday, February 28, 2005

one month anniversary of our concert!!!!

our hunk and babes sang at
6:05 AM

Thursday, January 13, 2005

hello choir people. those still in choir, those that has passed out, you reading this. and i wonder who ever read this but hey its okae, im typing anyway.
I MISS ALL OF YOU!! =D choir concert is just round the corner and i seriously cant wait to see all of you perform on this stage and just blend ur voices together.
and dun worry about singing badly or well.. because singing is a universal job. as long as everyone sings together heartily, im sure the audience will be able to feel it, and enjoy ur voices. (:
jiayou! i'll present all of you flowers when that big day comes. and i promise you, i'll be there! yay!
shuying. (:

our hunk and babes sang at
11:28 AM

Saturday, December 11, 2004

hey! im back again. haha.
if happen to pass by, and if u're from choir, please leave ur b'dae dates.
erm. cam write it at the taggy.
haha. okok.
tts all!

our hunk and babes sang at
6:56 AM

Thursday, December 09, 2004

ATTENTION! kindly tell me what song you would like to have in this blog!!! erm. you can write the song you want at the taggy board. tts all! thank you for your co-operation. haha.


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7:47 PM

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

alright. if anyone blames messo soprano for everything. then we shall hereby apologise for we already tried our very best to sing out. but why should we be so silly anyway? sorry is just what we could say? blame us..JUST BLAME US..it hurtss in our heart when we heard those words. "messo always brings the choir down"

it's heartening to hear that if we don't get a silver award for SYF, we will suffer without a conductor. and there will be hard life for everyone. yeah for you and me!
in fact everyone. - zixin

our hunk and babes sang at
6:37 PM

Sunday, October 24, 2004

as usual, zixin is lousy at advertising!! muhahaha. let me do it. =D

think you will feel bored on 28th jan 2005? feel like looking at girls and listening to them sing? -okae, sounds weird.- i mean, feel like listening to beautiful melodies? feel like spending 8 dollars not on a movie? and feel like going for something refreshing?THEN GO FOR THE SWISS CHOIR CONCERT 2005! ITS THE CONCERT OF THE YEAR AND THE CONCERT FOR YOU!! =D
tickets are out now with all swiss choir members. if you want any tickets you can also email US! -oh wait, do we have a email?- anyway. JUST TAG US IF U WANT TICKETS. WE HAVE FREE OF CHARGE SERVICE!! =D yeap.
its the concert u never want to miss! house of glamour, fun, joy. AN AMAZING WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR!! =D so what are you waiting for? GET UR TICKET NOW!!

venue- ACS BARKER ROAD -that sec sch-
time and date- 28th jan, evening.
price- $8. - this is cheap!!-

swiss choir will be performing melodius tunes like mary poppins. and man! DAHIL SAYO!! -i love this song.- its a really nice song. its in tagalog. which means philipines and dahil sayo's english translation- because of you. a really romantic song for couples.. =) go listen!!
we also have a variety of songs. not only english but also jap, and other languages! SO GO FOR IT NOW!!

-if you really feel like going but think no one would go with you.. EMAIL TO aralinesmilez@hotmail.com. =D i'll GO WITH U!! muhahahas. ur never lonely when it comes to a swiss choir concert! =) we will all go in groups and you will have FUN! =D-



our hunk and babes sang at
1:13 PM

Saturday, October 23, 2004

hey people.. we are having a concert next year...28 january 2005...at Anglo Chinese School ( barker road ) concert hall...all tickets are sold at a fixed price of 8 dollars...do book the tickets now..if not..u will be missing the good show..i tink should be free seating bah..old old old choir seniors..if u want the tickets..buy from zixin leh...later she cannot sell finish her tickets..lol...thankX..

here are the list of songs we are going to sing...(supposingly)
0 mary poppins
0 i*ll be there
0 hotarukoi
0 da hil sa yo
0 xiao he tang shui
0 dolphins??
0 many more..i cant recall..

our hunk and babes sang at
9:54 PM

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